Unlock Your Potential : PortfolioBee's Key Features

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Unlock Your Potential : PortfolioBee's Key Features

Dynamic Project Showcase:

Display your academic and extracurricular projects in a visually engaging manner, allowing users to present their skills and achievements effectively.

Versatile Resume Builder:

Craft personalized and professional resumes effortlessly, tailoring them to specific job opportunities with a user-friendly resume-building tool.

Insights & Analytics:

Gain valuable data-driven insights into the performance of your profile, projects, and interactions. Understand how your portfolio is being viewed and tailor your strategy for better impact.

Video Resume:

Elevate your profile with a video resume feature, allowing users to introduce themselves, articulate their career goals, and showcase their personality, enhancing their job market appeal.


Showcase your professional certifications and qualifications, providing a comprehensive overview of your skill set and adding credibility to your portfolio.

QR Code:

Enhance networking efficiency with a personalized QR code. Instantly share your PortfolioBee profile and professional information by scanning the code, streamlining connections and facilitating seamless interactions.